Sunday, November 2, 2008

the moment of truth

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

some facts about me~

  1. i'm scared of balls. so the only sports that i can play is badminton. and i suck at it.
  2. i like to talk to myself. it may sounds weird, but it boosts my confidence. but of course i won't do it in front of other people..
  3. i liked to collect toys when i was a kid. and most of them are batman, superman, kamen rider, and power rangers. barbie? i only have one. and it's already broken in just a week.
  4. i used to be quite a 'tomboy'. during raya, i bought boy's shoes, the second day of raya i didn't wear baju kurung but jeans and shirt instead.
  5. if i were to be given a role in a play, i'd choose to be a bad guy/gangster. cuz it's fun :p
  6. but i won't take the role cuz i got a stage fright. bummer :(
  7. i fantasize things a lot. like, what would happen if i do this, do that, bla bla bla.. and of course none of them came true anyway..
  8. i don't like to share my problems/secrets with anyone. if i had one, i'll make sure that nobody knows it. and that includes my family as well.
  9. my hands will tremble if i got angry over something, hold some heavy stuff, and when i'm on stage. i wonder if it's Parkinson thing..
  10. i don't really like when people try to take a picture with me cuz i had to smile, for like 10 seconds and it's tiring. plus i'm not really good in smiling.
  11. i used to be afraid to sleep in the dark. when my sister wasn't at home, i didn't switched off the lights until morning.
  12. i can be really brave and a scaredy-cat at the same time. i'm brave enough to walk alone in the middle of the night, but i'm scared to go downstairs cuz it's dark.
  13. the only vegetables that i can eat:carrot, cabbage,mushroom and the small corn (dunno what it's called). and they must be made into a soup only.
  14. i'm bad at asking forgiveness and forgiving people. so sometimes i just act like nothing happened.
  15. i changed according to who i befriended with.
  16. i can't look at the person straight to their eyes when i'm talking to em. so i'll end up with my eyes looking on the wall, the ceiling, my shoes..
  17. i'm far from racism and i hate when people starts to blame someone's race.
  18. i'll cry when i watch sad movies, can't find things that i'm looking for, when i'm angry with someone, failed in test, feeling left out, blablablaba.. but i'm not a crybaby.
  19. the only fluffy stuff that i have : mashimaro in a graduation hat holding a scroll. and it's not fluffy at all.
  20. i can sit in front of the pc 24 hours nonstop if i'm watching japanese drama, j-rock concert, and of course anime.
i tag whoever read this. list out some facts about you. it's gonna be fun :)

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