Friday, November 21, 2008

what they say

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

people say, i'm expressionless.
i say, maybe. sometimes. but not always.

people say, i hate men.
i say, i used to.

people say, i'm anti-social.
i say, yes, if there's adam hanging around.

people say, i'm hot-tempered.
i say, only if the situation asked for it.

people say, i'm mysterious.
i say, that's if u don't know me well.

people say, i have a lot of secrets.
i say, secrets keep me secure.

people say, i like weird stuff.
i say, it's weird for u because u don't explore the life.

people say, i'm heartless.
i say, u're half-wrong, half-correct.

people say, i don't smile a lot.
i say, i don't want to put on a fake one.

people say, i'm a fake.
i say, do i look like i care?

people say, i always feel regret.
i say, yes. and that feelings boost me to another level.

people say, i don't have a man in my life.
i say, i have two. MY FATHER. MY LATE-BROTHER.

people say, i'm stubborn.
i say, that's one thing i can't change about me.

people say, i always keep everything to myself.
i say, because i don't trust anybody.

people say, i'm pathetic.
i say, thank u very much.


  1. forget what people said about you,you should be yourself rather listening to what people 'rated' on you because you are the one who will be deciding you journey,now and always......