Friday, November 14, 2008

what happiness means to me

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

after bio class today, i stayed back at foundy. the real reason was to finish my lab report. so when i started typing the procedure, syafiqah came over and asked about ACID BLACK CHERRY. for those who know me, surely they know what i'll do next. hehe.

when it came to ABC, i went crazy like i've just been injected with this hyperactive virus. then we ended up talking about it, laughing about the 'gay'ness of the visual keis, hypnotized by the awesomeness of yasu's voice as well as his kawaii yet ridiculously kakkoi face, fantasizing on how hot tora from alice nine is, etc. etc. etc.

and then we moved on to anime's topic. like, how gorgeous vampire knight's main character is, whether i should watch xxxholic or not, bla bla bla. i can talk anything about japan, especially their music, dramas, animes as well as fashion 25 hours nonstop. yeap, see how crazy i am when it comes to things that i like. well, like hachiko from nana said, suki tte! and i felt so happy talking to her, after so long not having the feelings.

just now we had a gotong-royong. phew, that was dem exhausting. and now here i am in front of this screen thinking of what should i do next, since i don't have the mood to do my lab report, as well as revising for biology. plus i'm getting worried about tomorrow's event, afraid the so-called history is going to be repeated again.

me, farah and aufa went to bella's house just now. hihi. she's hilarious. we gossipped, ate jambu, drank milo made by evie, watched bella moves in video (again!haizz..) and i copied 'the hills have eyes' from bella's laptop. huhu dunno when will i have time for that.

the truth is : i'm extremely bored.

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