Saturday, November 22, 2008

gory times

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i used to express my feelings through poems and sketches. well, but not most of them came from what i really bella said, "tambah lauk je.." XD

i felt so terrible at that moment. i just moved into the school, and i dunno what happened. all of em started to tease me, or should i say bully me, but not physically of course. and it's all because of a misunderstanding.

i was quite 'emo' at that time. trying to find myself lost in sumwhere. when i think about it again, i felt it was kinda funny for me to draw somethin like this. saiyyaku da ne~

this one came from when i felt that i didn't fit in to this community. like i was not welcomed with warm hands. and oso when i had my stupid-low-self-esteem thingy. like a lil snail in a shell. no. turtle is better. yeap, like a lil turtle in a shell.

this is my first drawing. actually, i didn't mean to take this seriously. i was at the library at that moment. then i got bored, reached out a paper and drew a girl. then my hands just scribbled the words next to the girl. the first line is actually a piece of lyrics from a song that i oredy forgot. then i continued from there, expressing myself a bit. and starting from this drawing, i'd been labelled as an 'emo' girl, just because i wrote 'I AM EMO' at the bottom. huh~great.

i drew this one when i was having an examination. probably chemistry paper. then i finished early, not because i knew ol of d answer. i just dunno what to write anymore. lol. then i put my hand on the paper, drew the line along the shape of my hand. i didn't even know why i wrote 'I DON'T LOVE YOU'. probably because i was crazy about MCR at that moment. and i added some words, some came from my heart, some of it i got from the lyrics. and this drawing is my favorite.

however, i still want to say that I AM NOT EMO. and i don't wanna be emo. screwed emo. to hell with emo. "EMO IS GAY", nana said. emo is pathetic. emo is.... alien. haha.

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