Wednesday, September 24, 2008

more on i hate you list

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

told ya. the list will goes on and on and on..........
  1. man with beard like a. samad said(but i like a.s.s. as a person himself)
  2. man with moustache
  3. man who smokes (u think u're dem cool a?baka ka omae?)
  4. semak (BUSH..u get wut i mean aite?)
  5. malaysia's celebs (coz most of em are posers)
  6. janet jackson (tho i like her bro..nah....)
  7. mawi (wait,he should be on top of d list!)
  8. hentai (only people who watch anime know this..haha)
  9. indonesians....?
  10. emos, preps, jocks, punkers (lame..lame..)
  11. fag
  12. anak mak(i mean, of course u r, but don't be too manja not independent aye)
  13. pak lah? (god, pray that i won't get sued)
  14. insects.... T_T
  15. backstabber
god. this is totally SICK. and i admit it. whoa!

Monday, September 22, 2008

super duper brave?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i couldn't believe that i actually did it..

yesterday i was at home with aufa. i didn't feel so well since my stomach hurt like HELL. plus my head was getting dizzy too, thinking about the chemistry report which was DEM confusing!ok enuff about that. then i decided to go to bed. suddenly there's this stupid neighbour (neighbour ka?) who lived behind our house played a REALLY REALLY DEM LOUD MUSIC.what's up with that?

at first i was okay with it since it's a slow song aite. after that, i heard a bloody crap rock music. man that's too much..

so what did i do?

i went upstairs to my bedroom and to the balcony. i waited till the song finished...SILENCE. yosh! now's the right time before he played another song.
WOI!!!!!! BISING AR!!!!!!!!

..........YUP, I YELLED. acting like i was still in boarding school where i would shout anytime, anywhere i wanted.

then, i heard someone replied :

SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!!!!

OK. now he' pissing me off. now what?

i reached my cellphone and dialled CYBERJAYA POLICE. yup, unbelievable isn't it... well, he deserved it. 5 minutes later the police arrived. he asked me where's the house. he found it weird since he couldn't hear any loud sound. he also asked me whether it's always so noisy like that. huh...banyak tanye tol polis ni.. pegi je la umah tu..tanye aku wat pe..

then they rushed (rushed is kinda exaggerated)to that moron's house. a few minutes later, he turned off the music. YEAY!!

super duper brave? well honestly i felt kinda scared when he shouted back with the f word, thinking he might attack me or something. but then, WHO CARES?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

empty - part 1

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i had this conversation with my friend just now:

"have you ever felt empty in your life?"


"i have this kind of feeling lately."

"maybe u haven't found a real best friend yet."


when i felt the emptiness in me, i thought really hard about it. lately, i always went for a walk at midnight, searching for something that i didn't even know. i didn't care about the dangers of walking alone in the middle of the night in a place that doesn't reflect your country, since there were so many foreigners and indonesians mostly. i stopped at the playground not very far from my house, sat on the swing and stared to the sky. IT'S EMPTY. there's not even a single star appeared. i didn't know why suddenly i felt i wanna cry. but i couldn't. coz my heart was so empty that i wasn't able to express my feelings.

one of the things that i asked from God in my prayer is to have a REAL best friend. i prayed so hard that i ended up crying in the end. but now, i don't know if i still have the same courage like i used to have. it's not that i have lost faith in You. The Almighty God. but to be in this situation has made me weaker. i'm lost in a world that i put a lot of trusts, a lote of hopes and a lot of dreams. where can i finally see a star in my place? where can i find a big shady tree to put all the stress away? Ya Allah, sesungguhnya hambaMu ini sangat lemah. Aku tidak mampu melawan takdirMu. Jika inilah ketentuanMu untukku, aku terima qada' dan qadarMu.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i hate you

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

the title is kinda obvious. yup, I HATE YOU. YOU.
the YOU that i'm talking about here are :
  1. players (as in playgirl or playboy)
  2. a sweet talker ( sex doesn't matter)
  3. dishonest in making a relationship (friends, etc.)
  4. liar
  5. so stingy when it comes to studying (as if i wanna copy theirs.yeah, right..)
  6. men/boys (this one... not confirmed yet)
  7. mean girls (who likes em anyway?)
  8. over the limit when making jokes
  9. make fun of people's name, appearance, weakness, etc.
  10. who are so obsess with opposite sex (i'm talking about MANY of the opposite sex)
  11. doesn't respect me (that includes what i like, what i hate, etc.)
  12. look down on others
  13. have a fat lazy ass (means who's so lazy)
  14. bossing people around (as if he/she is the MAN)
  15. POSER (as in acting like other, sports stars, anime characters, etc.)
  16. pretend like they are not listening while i'm talking to em (pekak)
  17. not answering my simple-small-the-pieces question (bisu)
  18. SELFISH (don't they have another job?)
  19. always apologize over and over (once is enough oredy la.3@4 times:nak kene lempang eh?)
  20. too noisy/big mouth (if u have that kind of talent, go to pasar to jual ikan or whatever..)
there's still more. this list goes on until aku dah x de orang untuk dibenci.

p/s : told ya, i'm quite a hater. so if you think i'm cerewet or whatever, i don't mind at all. cuz that's your right. and this is MY RIGHT to hate people.

Monday, September 15, 2008

i felt a tsunami..~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


yasu looks masculine..haha.

yasu is cute as a woman.but still, i prefer him to be a REAL MAN.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i got this survey from friendster. juz trying to kill times.

1.Does anyone know your password to your friendster besides yourself?
*nope. biarlah rahsia..

2. What was the last thing you ordered at McDonalds?
*chicken genting. wii~

3. Are you an emotional person?
*kinda. well sometimes we need to be like that rite?

4. Do you like your name?
*even if i don't like it, i don't have the power to change it.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
*i guess? but neva had one. unbelievable isn't it..

6. Ever felt jealous of your friend?
*always! (haha..jelousy is taking over me...)

7. What was the last thing you did?
*watch one piece!

8. Who is right next to you?
*angel :)

9. Who were the last persons you ate with?
*my housemate. bukak puasa!

10. What song are you listening to right now?
*still doll (ost vampire knight). it's so creeepy!!

11. Hows the weather right now ?
*so-so i guess. but i like it :)

12. Last person who called you today?
*no one. i'm more into sms lor.

13.describe yourself in one sentence.
* anime and visual kei lover!

14. Last song you sang?
*silly god disco by the gazette. cool!

15. Do you like anyone?
*yup. all visual keis, chong wei, kamenashi. haha

16. Lost a friendship over something stupid?
*yes. and i regret it the most :(

17. Last beverage you drank?
*sky juice?

18. Last food you ate?
*nasi ayam kicap..sedap..

19. What did you do last night?
*watch vampire knight's last episode. wut a stupid ending!

20. Faked being sick to miss school?
*always. haha. BAD GIRL.

21. What time did you wake up today?
*5 to sahur.then i slept again till 8.30.

22. Last person you talked to?
*aufa. dun remember wat it's about.

23. Last person you made fun of?
*aainaa! she deserved it. hihi~

24. What are you wearing right now?
*t-shirt and pants, as usual.

25. Are you too quiet to ask anyone out?
*nah..won't even bother bout it. plus, i got no car ma!

26. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite/same sex?
*same:eyes, opposite:hair

27.Where are you right now?
*in my room at cyberia.

28. What date and day is it?
*wednesday, 10th september 2008. nothing special happened.

29. Did you go anywhere today?
*er..cucms i guess?

30. What did you do there?
*it's a college. so what else can i do?

31. Where else are you going today?

*in my dreams. haha~

32. Are you watching TV?
*barely! got no tv here ma.

33. Are you mature or immature?
*it depends..

34. Are you closer to your mom or dad?
*i dunno...i guess not even one of em..

35. When was your last kiss?
*?????ish ish ish..haramm..lum kawen lagi kowt..

36. What school do you go to?
*cyberjaya university college of medical sciences

37. Whats the most annoying thing people say to you?
*whatever. yup, that annoys me like crazy.

38. Do you like music?
*o my, who doesn't?

39. Do you want to get married?
*still thinking..

40. to whom?
i leave it to the almighty god

Monday, September 8, 2008

the diary of ramadhan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

ramadhan..ramadhan..well all i can say is that ramadhan this year is not that happening, or thrilling compared to last year (well, maybe it's because i ponteng on the first day lagi. haha).

as far as i can remember, the most enjoyable (enjoyable meh?) ramadhan was during high school, or to be exact, in form 5, when i was having an SPM. i missed the time where we woke up at nearly 5 for sahur. well, actually i'm not the kind of person who's into sahur :p. it's not because i malas nak bangun, but i kinda loss the appetite oredy. i can only bangun sahur at home, where i can eat home's food!

but it was the first day of ramadhan, so yeah, i would like to try one la. i woke up, then termenung a lil bit (layan mood tido!). then i went to toilet to mandi first. stood in front of the sink. stared into the mirror. then, zzzz.... (haha :p). opened my eyes again, turned on the tap. whoaa!!!!!the water was DEM COOL!! terbatal niat nak mandi. so i just brushed my teeth. there were so many people rushing ere n der, well, it's the first sahur anyway. spotted some of my tomo dachi waiting in front of the stairs with muke selebet gile.hihi.burok ar!

that was the first sahur. and the food? it was quite good, with the ayam and all that. but it's too berat for me. so i only ate like half of the rice i took (membazirnye najwa... T_T).

after that i decided not to go for sahur. until this day where i had to sit for biology paper. yup, i didn't sleep at all that night. i was so berani to stay up alone, cuz it's ramadhan! (u get what i mean oredy right?). so i spent the whole night with bio's book with me, while listening to until sahur. that morning, well, as expected, i felt so dizzy like i wanna passed out! hurm.. and i had to take bio paper. so, yada! cannot pass out right now.<--i said to myself, with muke bersungguh-sungguh gile. ossu!

that was for sahur. for berbuka? yup. like it much better. since the food was already prepared by the mak cik and pak cik at dewan makan, so all we have to do was wait for the azan >_<. sometimes we went to bazaar ramadhan to buy some kuih. my favourite? ondeh-ondeh and seri kaya! (seri kaya or seri muka?forgot oredy). and of course with air coconut shake, cuz my life was nothing without it. hehe.

the solat terawih was fun. i like the imam. the way he recited the God's word was really merdu, that i sometimes felt so sleepy.hehe. no lah. seriously. but since it was too hot in the mosque, so i went to pray outside, where it's a lot cooler, together with my silly little friends. hihi. i had so much fun with you guys. to be honest, sometimes i skipped the witir (i know i know, that was very rude. BAD GIRL). like i said, SOMETIMES. ok? XD. cuz i wanted to do the solat hajat. well, at that time i didn't know there was another options...

ramadhan this year, not so thrilling. we had to perform the solat terawih by ourselves, diimamkan by me, sometimes my friends. missed the suasana at masjid lor.. then we had to break the fast at restaurant. so bosan! and it seems that ramadhan this year passed by so quickly. i wonder is it because we barely have time for ourselves at home? saana.. (who knows)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I've been tagged by QiLL. HAH!

  1. The age you'll be on your next birthday :
May 2nd 1991

2. Place you want to travel to:

JAPAN of course!

3. Your favourite place:

somewhere with lotsa flowers!

4. Your favorite food:

cereal! hehe..kanak-kanak ribena :p

5. Your favorite pet:

name's Rocky,but i didn't own it. i just treated it like it's mine..

6. Favorite color combination:

black and pink

black and red

7. Favorite piece of clothing:

nana's jacket!!!!!!!

8. Your all time favorite song:

Cassis by The Gazette. never get bored listening to it..

9. Favorite TV show:

ONE PIECE forever!!!!

10. First name of your significant other/crush:


11. Which town do you live in:

Machang..aci tak??haha..

12. Your screen name/nickname:

teka la sampai dapat..hehe..

13. Your first job:

selling keropok during sports event in my high school. best giler!

14. Your dream job:

ya'll can guess oredy rite?

15. One bad habit that you have:

easily get angry..i'm trying to get rid of it.

16. Worst fear:

war. besides GOD..

17: Things you'd like to do before you die:

go somewhere very quiet, leaving all my problems behind..

18. The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000:

buy a robot like Night-kun! can r?

19. Your husband/wife:

again, it has to be NIGHT!!