Tuesday, March 31, 2009

masquerade of black and white

foundation night. finally. setelah bertungkus-lumus menjual donut, buat tayangan filem, jual air vitagen, akhirnya malam itu tiba jua. and don't say that we didn't support the earth hour cuz we did! eventhough for like 5 minutes but hey, we did the best that we could to support the dying mother of nature.

anyway, the theme was black and white masquerade party. but still, ada juga manusia yang tidak berpakaian seperti cicak's shit like most of us. whatever lah. kanke nai darou ne?

it was a bit disappointing though. kalau aku nak komen, memang banyak yang tidak kena pada malam itu. tapi, siapalah aku nak complaint about other people's hard work right. i should be thankful that we enjoyed the night. well, at least when kit and soon dancing to the thriller micheal jackson. lol. it was sooo zombie kampung pisang ma! but when melvin masuk, ah~spoil. cuz she's, i mean he's not meant to be cutie girl. i know u're a big fan of snsd, but sorry mev!

p/s: by the way, i still like melvin's own rendition of my girl by justin timberlake. quite brilliant la kan for an amateur. and kudos to sanjev also, for saving the night, for opening my eyes when they're about to close due to suasana yang agak havoc and.. ah~ banyak complaint betul aku ni.

it's all about culture

culture night. nothin much to say. it's just..culture. :P

anyway, as i mentioned in previous post, my group did the japanese culture. agak puas hati la, walaupun markah tidak seberapa. damn.

ocp is indian? wow. haha

with scottish group. soon the fussy boy.

before 3A' presentation. makan di de' arif

muka nash yang sudah kenyang. hehe

get outta my way, ninja!

caught u!

ooish~ how dare ya!

majmuk tahap gaban. termasuk siam sesat. lol

with the guests from kpm

with english lecturer~miss fiza

what's my role? samurai. the gatal samurai who wanted to bawak lari geisha. then kalah di tangan ninja kecil. cilakak.

Thursday, March 26, 2009



that is me

ah~ baru aku sedar.

betapa bodohnya aku kerana ditipu diri sendiri

n surprisingly i felt so relief

terima kasih kepada yang mengingatkan

akan ku perbaiki diri ini

insya ALLAH

Saturday, March 21, 2009

gilakah aku

kenapa aku memilih psychiatrist?

1. sebab aku tak cukup penyayang untuk menjadi pediatrician

2. sebab aku tak layak dalam proses pembedahan kerana masalah Parkinson. *gelak*

3. sebab aku takut tertinggal gunting dalam badan pesakit aku

4. sebab aku suka orang gila (kerana merekalah orang paling jujur dalam dunia)

5. sebab aku suka memerhati manusia, kerana mereka ibarat sesumpah.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

turning back the time

i miss my friends.

i miss my family.

i miss my late brother.

i miss ikhwan.

i miss my childhood.

i miss my high school.

i miss my teacher.

i miss my home.

and most importantly,

i miss the old me.
when will i get back to it again?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

korean hottie n cutie

well, usually i don't really like girls group. cuz they don't have much talent anyway. just showing their assets. like, PCD, yeah i love em but u have to admit that nicole is the only one who has the talent. and another black girl, forgot her name already. anyway. but ever since i followed the korean music, i slowly started to like em. so here i wanna promote some of the girl's group that i think, erm..well, ok la.

listen to "Nobody". u'll love it.

SNSD@Girl's Generation@Groups-with-too-many-members.
listen to "Gee". they look like barbie dolls.

After School@PCD alike
listen to "Ah". they dance like PCD. cus the group is formed to look like PCD

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


it's holiday. and i'm stuck here. with piles of assignments on the table, calling me again and again. but it seems that i didn't care less about them. *grin*

anyway, i'm watching this japanese drama called "mei-chan no shitsuji" or "mei-chan's butler".

i am so attached to this drama because:

1. i love Mizushima Hiro since Hana Kimi

2. i love Mizushima Hiro

3. Mizushima Hiro

4. i like the butler concept.

just imagine you have your own personal butler. i mean not just an ordinary butler. but gorgeous, tall, metrosexual-with-cool-hairstyle, and voice that melts we especially girls' hearts. and he'll be serving you 24 hours nonstop, be there when you need help. even a husband can't do that. haha.

yeap, a normal husband can't do that. it's a fact. eat it. hahaha.

Monday, March 2, 2009

birthday girl


blueberry cake. tidak terasa mahu makan.

ecah. makin membulat. haha.

muka aufa mahukan ais krim. bodek je tau eh??
nasib baik birthday girl. :P