Saturday, February 28, 2009

kimono, tea set and ketupat

yesterday my friends and i went for an outing. erm, basically we're trying to find the costume and props for our presentation on japanese culture. we went to dengkil to find the kedai kahwin tetapi nampaknya orang-orang di dengkil masih ramai yang membujang dan andartu kerana satu kedai kahwin pun tiada di sana. >_<

then we went to bangi. thank god orang-orang di bangi tidak berfikiran maju seperti orang-orang di dengkil. there's a couple of boutique there. and we did find the kimono. but it's too expensive and really not worth of our presentation. so we tried to go somewhere else, hoping there's a better choice.

we went to the mines. to find the japanese tea set. we found this decoration on valentine's day, and it was fabulous. so cute. like the wedding altar. and we took some of the decoration's style as our props. you'll see after this. :)

we found this modern kimono, well, it looked more like a yukata cuz the fabric was really nipis. and some hakama also. but it's 100 dollar so, erm, better tak perlu lah.

and then we entered this gift shop and found some flowers that looked like sakura. we wanted to buy it, but the owner said it's sold out, for the valentine's decoration. (ah, screw you people!) but instead, we got ourselves the japanese tea set. and it's really cheap, about 40 dollars. yeay! and owh, i freaking like the cashier's hairstyle. super gorgeous. i'd like to cut like one. :p

due to the grumbling sound of our stomach, we went to *tuuut* and grab ourselves a meal. dan kami sempat lagi membuat ketupat sebanyak tiga bakul penuh (hanya kami sahaja yang tahu kenapa ada 3 bakul ketupat). haha.

it's 4 pm already so we're tired. and decided to go home. exhausting. a lil bit. but somehow it's worth it cuz we got what we wanted. the only thing left is to practice, practice and practice. wish us tons of luck!

Monday, February 23, 2009

i'm just tired

ahh.. here i go again. so unpredictable. so..... tak tetap pendirian.

well, what happened previously was, i blocked the people who followed my blog, changed the url and kept it to private. yeap. it's because i wrote something that i didn't want anybody to read it except me. but somehow, hmm.. u know what happen oredy cuz u r able to access this blog. congrats *cynical*.


a lot of things happened to me lately. good things? maybe 1 or 2. mostly, sangat mengazabkan. i have come to a point in my life where i said to myself "kenapela banyak sangat dosa aku ni sampai Tuhan nak hukum aku sebegini??"

ya. aku hipokrit. as stated in the url that i had changed just now.

this is what i'm talking about "the new me". u know what, i should just change the blog's name as well. instead of "the new me, perhaps" it should be just "the new me". cuz there's no doubt about it. fo sho.


susah betul nak tafsir. nak baca. nak kenal. nak percaya. nak..nak apa lagi.

tapi, manusia.

senang betul ditipu. diputar belit. dikhianati. dijatuhkan.

jadi, aku ini manusia bagaimana?

ya. aku jatuh dalam kedua-dua kategori.

but one thing is for sure:

" walau sebesar mana pun masalah yang aku hadapi, aku tak akan tumpahkan walau setitik air mata."

kerana itu azamku. aku dah penat menangis, mengeluhkan nasib yang sampai bila-bila pun tak akan berubah. dan setakat ini, aku belum lagi menangis.

oh well, except when i'm watching korean movies or hide's funeral. obviously.

apa nak jadi pun jadi lah. mengalah? putus asa? tidak. i'm just tired.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fynn Jamal





Thursday, February 12, 2009

the new me?

mid term lagi 2 minggu.

so that means, i only have 1 week to study.

will i be able to do that? without slacking? i really hope so.

erm,, actually i kinda worried. about me pretending to be someone else.

like, when i was actually mad about something, i pretended to not be upset about it.

it might be a good thing. but somehow i thought i was at loss.

because all i did was taking care of people's heart. hoping they didn't feel..urm.. how to put it..

is this the new me? hopefully not.

if i have to act like i'm happy when i was actually rather disappointed just to please others,

then i guess it's kinda worth it. at least..

if they are happy, i guess the feeling goes to me as well.

Monday, February 9, 2009

big bang's promotion!!


aku tidak tahu apakah tindakan aku kali ini wajar dan adil untuknya.

tapi, aku pasti inilah yang terbaik untukku.

pentingkan diri? biarlah.

selalunya orang lain yang aku utamakan.

ku sanjungkan. ku dahuluikan. ku pentingkan.

hak aku. perasaan aku. harga diriku.

ku biarkan ketepi. bersepah di jalanan.

jadi salahkah jika aku ingin utamakan diriku kali ini?

alasan? ah, persetankan itu semua.

biar apa orang kata. masuk telinga kanan segera keluar telinga kiri.

mulut cabul manusia.

siapa yang berkuasa menutupnya

melainkan sang Pencipta?

peduli apa kalau hatinya terguris

kalau tiada siapa peduli hati ini.

yang sudah berkali-kali dimamah parasit.

parasit yang hanya tahu menumpang

tetapi tidak tahu mengenang budi.


mungkin suatu hari nanti

parasit itu akan berpaling ke arahmu.

meminta. merengek. menagih simpati.

tetapi jangan pernah mengharap

aku akan membuka ruang untuknya lagi.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

puas? i hope so.

yesterday my friends and i went to sg wang plaza. what for? shopping of course, duh!

we took the train, then arrived around 10. i bought a bag, sneakers, famous amos and earrings. i forced aufa to buy one to. lol (u must thank me aufa :D). then we had breakfast+lunch+brunch at secret recipe. after that, around 4 we stopped at midvalley. another shopping trip. haha. we stopped at this bakery to buy some.. er... bread of course. for our dinner. we reached home around 7.30. our legs were all cramped. i got headache. and i fell asleep so early last night. damn it. just when i thought i was strong enough to stay up until 2. lol must be really exhausted huh..

p/s : can't wait to watch upin and ipin in Geng this 12 feb. matteru zo!

Friday, February 6, 2009

sorry miss fiza


even so, how am i gonna be a doctor?

well to think about it i don't really want to in the first place anyway.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

tiada hari esok

perasannya diri.

harapan. hancur. luruh. berderai.

disangkakan begini. rupanya begitu.

balasankah? patutkah?

padanlah muka.

pergi jahanam teori yang tak guna.

simpan saja dalam poket.

apa ada pada harga diri?

dicampak. dipijak. dihina. dicemuh.

tiada siapa peduli.

dalam menanti tibanya si pujangga.

jatuh tersungkur. terkedu.

bagai menanti bulan jatuh ke riba.

bulan yang tidak layak dipuja.

bukannya mengeluh akan takdir.

tetapi kesal dengan diri yang pengecut.

apa perlu dipilih.

antara harapan dengan hakikat?

the real fact

i'm not jealous.


why would i?

i hereby banned deli western

last night i went to bella's house. we ordered chicken chop at deli western. but shockingly the chicken was like slimy and smelly. and we had stomachache as well. so we called the owner to complaint about it. at first, we said the chicken was smelly, like it's been 3 months old. but the woman on the phone said the chicken is fresh and new. and quickly hung up. then we're like what the eff??

a few seconds later the owner, and indian guy called back. we told him about the chicken and he said just eat whatever you can eat and we'll replace it with new york hot dog. at first we would like to claim the money back. but since we already ate a quarter of it, so we decided to just let it go. we waited for nearly half an hour, kind of long that we thought we'd been scammed.

then the owner came and sent it himself. he told us that they had change the distributor. and we were the first customer. so they didn't know about it as well. well, although it's hard to believe, we just pretend that he's telling the truth and took the hotdog instead. but unfortunately we felt like throwing up so we saved the hotdog for later.

then we watched SAW I using bella's laptop. but she fell asleep first lol.

the moral of the story is : don't order from deli western again. zettai ni!