Sunday, February 8, 2009

puas? i hope so.

yesterday my friends and i went to sg wang plaza. what for? shopping of course, duh!

we took the train, then arrived around 10. i bought a bag, sneakers, famous amos and earrings. i forced aufa to buy one to. lol (u must thank me aufa :D). then we had breakfast+lunch+brunch at secret recipe. after that, around 4 we stopped at midvalley. another shopping trip. haha. we stopped at this bakery to buy some.. er... bread of course. for our dinner. we reached home around 7.30. our legs were all cramped. i got headache. and i fell asleep so early last night. damn it. just when i thought i was strong enough to stay up until 2. lol must be really exhausted huh..

p/s : can't wait to watch upin and ipin in Geng this 12 feb. matteru zo!

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