Thursday, February 12, 2009

the new me?

mid term lagi 2 minggu.

so that means, i only have 1 week to study.

will i be able to do that? without slacking? i really hope so.

erm,, actually i kinda worried. about me pretending to be someone else.

like, when i was actually mad about something, i pretended to not be upset about it.

it might be a good thing. but somehow i thought i was at loss.

because all i did was taking care of people's heart. hoping they didn't feel..urm.. how to put it..

is this the new me? hopefully not.

if i have to act like i'm happy when i was actually rather disappointed just to please others,

then i guess it's kinda worth it. at least..

if they are happy, i guess the feeling goes to me as well.

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