Sunday, February 1, 2009

i hereby banned deli western

last night i went to bella's house. we ordered chicken chop at deli western. but shockingly the chicken was like slimy and smelly. and we had stomachache as well. so we called the owner to complaint about it. at first, we said the chicken was smelly, like it's been 3 months old. but the woman on the phone said the chicken is fresh and new. and quickly hung up. then we're like what the eff??

a few seconds later the owner, and indian guy called back. we told him about the chicken and he said just eat whatever you can eat and we'll replace it with new york hot dog. at first we would like to claim the money back. but since we already ate a quarter of it, so we decided to just let it go. we waited for nearly half an hour, kind of long that we thought we'd been scammed.

then the owner came and sent it himself. he told us that they had change the distributor. and we were the first customer. so they didn't know about it as well. well, although it's hard to believe, we just pretend that he's telling the truth and took the hotdog instead. but unfortunately we felt like throwing up so we saved the hotdog for later.

then we watched SAW I using bella's laptop. but she fell asleep first lol.

the moral of the story is : don't order from deli western again. zettai ni!

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