Wednesday, May 27, 2009

driving license

computer test : 48/50
time taken : 8 minutes 15 seconds

**sedih sebab tak dapat full tapi bangga sebab buat tak sampai 10 minit. hehe**

alkisahnya, semalam first time test kereta. agak bangga kerana dipuji cepat pick up oleh kak ma. *riak*

hari ini, ujian memandu bukan dengan kak ma, tapi dengan seorang abang yang, er, tak payah cakaplah. aku menerima balasan dari tuhan kerana perasaan riak tersebut. agak beberapa kali jugaklah kereta aku termati enjin. dan aku agak fail bila time nak parking. sebab tak ingat kena pusing belah mana, berapa kali nak pusing. tapi bangga tak pernah langgar palang. *riak balik*

huh. berpeluh satu badan. sebab panas ok. air cond tak ada. bukan sebab gabra. *cover line*

then i thought practice sudah habis. tapi tiba2..

kak ma : najwa, jom gi test kat jalan raya
aku : hah? alamak.. boley ke kak ma.. parking pun tak lepas lagi ni...
kak ma : takpe2.slow2 je..

memang sangat nervous. tapi bila keluar kat jalan raya, fuh... bestnya dunia.. hehe

kak ma : sampai kawasan sekolah guna gear 2, nak berhenti gear 1, nak jalan biasa gear 3
aku : kalau guna gear 4 tak boley?
kak ma : gear 3 je..

setiap kali aku nak pecut kak ma stop aku. bosan.


gile berlagak btol.tak lepas baru tau.

Monday, May 25, 2009

standing ovation

previously i said that kris allen's version of heartless is better than kanye west version.

well, it's still true.

but this performance by kanye is somewhat different.

first, he adds up some more lyrics. real deep, meaningful lyrics.

second, he delivers the song so great that i can actually feel the pain and sadness in the song.

definitely epic.

favourite lines:

"does this hurtful comment have a receipt?"

"does this staggering piece of truth that was never told have an expiration date?"

and owh. another one.

"with my pink shirt on. does this look gay to you?"


Sunday, May 24, 2009

asian united

This is the Project EAR - Marabahaya.

In the video you will find Pop Shuvit (Malaysia), Slapshock (Philippines), Saint Loco (Indonesia), Ahli Fiqir (Singapore), Thaitanium (Thailand), and Silksounds (Thailand).

gila gempak.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



NOKP : 910502035098
POSKOD KEM : 09000
TARIKH LAPOR : 16/06/2009

dang! it's too late already..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


at first i thought pcd's the one who's been punk'd. with jessica started crying, melody cursing and nicole saying this is the worst interview ever, i thought the hitz crew had messed up this time.

but then..

probably the best prank ever. i mean come one, it's PCD!

adam is sooo lucky!

the next one is from panic! at the disco, lead from pop shuvit and arianna give a gotcha call to rahul from one buck short. obs was supposed to be the opening act for the PATD concert. but then they told him they want pop shuvit instead of one buck short.

i think brendon can't pull off a prank. he gets giddy so quick. lol so adorable :p

Sunday, May 17, 2009

gay epidemics

how big is the impact of nobody by wonder girls?

gay rules.



currently following britain's got talent. then i fell for these two hot hunks :p

the 'i know-i know-i know' part is kinda amazing, although it seems to annoy me a lil bit. lol

judging from his appearance i thought he's gonna sing a rock song. dang! here comes a woman voice.

simon : it's like a dog meowing.



i don't really follow the latest season of american idol. i just heard about adam lambert, how good he is, bla bla bla. but then i don't really like his voice. at least not for me.

but when i watched the top 3 a couple of days ago, i was attracted to this performance by kris allen. he sang heartless by kanye west. never heard of the original version, but since randy said it's better than kanye west, i think it's enough already.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

say no to zac (updated)

American Death Note Movie In Development

Universal Pictures has revealed that Vertigo Entertainment is developing an American live action film adaptation of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s supernatural suspense manga story Death Note.

The person they wish to play Light Yagami is none other than Disney's own:

Zac Effron


like WTF????

rumoured director-- Bryan Bertino
- is known for his film "The Strangers" Which only gained a 41% on Rotten Tomatoes, is said to be directing it. He is surely planning on making this a horror film, which any REAL Death Note fan knows that it is not.

Petition to say NO to Zac is up now.

For those who disagree, please sign this.

Petition to cast Ken'ichi Matsuyama (original actor) as L

Your support is greatly appreciated.”

*can't imagine having zac efron as kira. that will make kira looks gay. omg. absolute disaster.

i mean, of course light and zac kinda look the same. but kira is an epic character. and it needs more than just a DISNEY GAY FREAK. zac is sooooo not meant for light.


why do they have to do the american remake?? i mean seriously. screw u american!!!!
there's no way the american version is going to be as amazing as the japanese version. it's like death note is only meant for japanese. look at what they did to dragon ball!!!!! and not to mention street fighter!!! A COMPLETE DISASTER!

anyway, this is just a rumour though. but still, i don't like the idea of having an american remake of death note. it's like watching marc (ugly betty) playing as the joker instead of heath ledger.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

cello genius


When the girl was thinking about love, the room fell silent as usual.
However, her mind was drifting and unsettled.
When she was thinking about love, she worried over her reflection while looking in the mirror.

I wish I were cuter,
I wish I were more honest…

She is again a long way off from sleep.

With one more chapter left, what will the girl’s destiny be?
Have you guys had this kind of experience?
I used to be like this before exams…restless and having trouble sleeping.
And once I became sleepy during the exam the next day!


On my way to the management office today, I saw cats.
One of them was a friendly calico and I made friends with it. I took a picture.
It was yawning here.
People would stare strangley at me since I start speaking the cat language when I see cats.
Can you guys also speak the cat language?

By the way...
"Hisssss!" means
"Don't come" or "Don't get closer."
I feel sad when a cat says that to me.

directly from the blog,

-Kanon Wakeshima-

* i like her because she brings a unique and haunting sound composed of baroque cello, strong vocals, and electronic arrangements.her style is unique though. she'll make her US debut soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


ada sesiapa tahu di mana aku boleh dapat borang permohonan biasiswa medical/pharmacy/dental ke mesir/jepun?

khabarkan kepadaku segera.

there's not much time left

watashi ha zetsubou teki de aru


Sunday, May 10, 2009



my cousin decided to quit from taking medical after completing his first year.

he's quite a genius. but he's afraid to inject people with needle.

not to mention the surgery thingy.


then why did he take this course in the first place..?

he wants to quit. and i don't know what kind of journey will he choose next.


this makes me think of quitting too.

since i know where i stand. and it's far below that level.

i'm not trying to give up.

but if i don't quit now, then it's gonna be much complex afterward.

people always respond to me by saying that:

"it's ok.u can do it"

"think's not that hard"

"this is a good opportunity.good job.good MONEY"

well, those people won't be saying that anymore when they put themselves in my shoes.

dosuru no? huh.. yappari mendou na..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

luffy the captain of pirates

hidup teramatlah bosan di rumah.
masih menunggu kawan-kawan cuti untuk pergi joli.
cepatlah kau orang.
aku tunggu masa saja nak mental di rumah ni.
nasib baik ada naruto. dan juga luffy.
ya, aku dah ada masalah mental.
jauhkan animasi dariku~

p/s : one piece is getting more exciting now. combination of 3 captain : luffy, eustass kidd and trafalgar law. episode 399 is definitely epic and phenomenal.

ya ya aku dah gila. terima kasih.

di sampingmu

kenapa aku suka the divine masters?

sebab ada Lotter!!! ^_^

Saturday, May 2, 2009

tanjobi omedeto

apabila tiba hari lahir, ini menandakan :

  1. anda semakin tua
  2. anda semakin hampir dengan kematian
  3. anda akan kehilangan zaman2 yang enjoy dan kool
  4. anda tidak boleh bersikap kebudak-budakan lagi
  5. anda akan merasakan dunia ini sungguh bermasalah
  6. anda perlu bertindak mengikut akal, bukan perasaan
  7. anda akan kerap dipanggil akak atau mungkin juga makcik, bukan lagi adik
  8. anda akan rasa malu untuk makan nyum nyum di khalayak ramai
  9. anda terpaksa minat *cough* barbie *cough* secara sembunyi2
  10. anda mungkin akan menerima kehadiran orang baru dalam hidup anda (i'm not even that close lol)

so, this is why i don't really like to celebrate my birthday.

i'm 18 today.getting older.a tough life is waiting for me.please god.not just yet.i still wanna have fun.still wanna be crazy.

tanjobi omedeto.

Friday, May 1, 2009


TOMOK WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!