Wednesday, May 13, 2009

cello genius


When the girl was thinking about love, the room fell silent as usual.
However, her mind was drifting and unsettled.
When she was thinking about love, she worried over her reflection while looking in the mirror.

I wish I were cuter,
I wish I were more honest…

She is again a long way off from sleep.

With one more chapter left, what will the girl’s destiny be?
Have you guys had this kind of experience?
I used to be like this before exams…restless and having trouble sleeping.
And once I became sleepy during the exam the next day!


On my way to the management office today, I saw cats.
One of them was a friendly calico and I made friends with it. I took a picture.
It was yawning here.
People would stare strangley at me since I start speaking the cat language when I see cats.
Can you guys also speak the cat language?

By the way...
"Hisssss!" means
"Don't come" or "Don't get closer."
I feel sad when a cat says that to me.

directly from the blog,

-Kanon Wakeshima-

* i like her because she brings a unique and haunting sound composed of baroque cello, strong vocals, and electronic arrangements.her style is unique though. she'll make her US debut soon.

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