Saturday, February 28, 2009

kimono, tea set and ketupat

yesterday my friends and i went for an outing. erm, basically we're trying to find the costume and props for our presentation on japanese culture. we went to dengkil to find the kedai kahwin tetapi nampaknya orang-orang di dengkil masih ramai yang membujang dan andartu kerana satu kedai kahwin pun tiada di sana. >_<

then we went to bangi. thank god orang-orang di bangi tidak berfikiran maju seperti orang-orang di dengkil. there's a couple of boutique there. and we did find the kimono. but it's too expensive and really not worth of our presentation. so we tried to go somewhere else, hoping there's a better choice.

we went to the mines. to find the japanese tea set. we found this decoration on valentine's day, and it was fabulous. so cute. like the wedding altar. and we took some of the decoration's style as our props. you'll see after this. :)

we found this modern kimono, well, it looked more like a yukata cuz the fabric was really nipis. and some hakama also. but it's 100 dollar so, erm, better tak perlu lah.

and then we entered this gift shop and found some flowers that looked like sakura. we wanted to buy it, but the owner said it's sold out, for the valentine's decoration. (ah, screw you people!) but instead, we got ourselves the japanese tea set. and it's really cheap, about 40 dollars. yeay! and owh, i freaking like the cashier's hairstyle. super gorgeous. i'd like to cut like one. :p

due to the grumbling sound of our stomach, we went to *tuuut* and grab ourselves a meal. dan kami sempat lagi membuat ketupat sebanyak tiga bakul penuh (hanya kami sahaja yang tahu kenapa ada 3 bakul ketupat). haha.

it's 4 pm already so we're tired. and decided to go home. exhausting. a lil bit. but somehow it's worth it cuz we got what we wanted. the only thing left is to practice, practice and practice. wish us tons of luck!

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