Tuesday, March 31, 2009

masquerade of black and white

foundation night. finally. setelah bertungkus-lumus menjual donut, buat tayangan filem, jual air vitagen, akhirnya malam itu tiba jua. and don't say that we didn't support the earth hour cuz we did! eventhough for like 5 minutes but hey, we did the best that we could to support the dying mother of nature.

anyway, the theme was black and white masquerade party. but still, ada juga manusia yang tidak berpakaian seperti cicak's shit like most of us. whatever lah. kanke nai darou ne?

it was a bit disappointing though. kalau aku nak komen, memang banyak yang tidak kena pada malam itu. tapi, siapalah aku nak complaint about other people's hard work right. i should be thankful that we enjoyed the night. well, at least when kit and soon dancing to the thriller micheal jackson. lol. it was sooo zombie kampung pisang ma! but when melvin masuk, ah~spoil. cuz she's, i mean he's not meant to be cutie girl. i know u're a big fan of snsd, but sorry mev!

p/s: by the way, i still like melvin's own rendition of my girl by justin timberlake. quite brilliant la kan for an amateur. and kudos to sanjev also, for saving the night, for opening my eyes when they're about to close due to suasana yang agak havoc and.. ah~ banyak complaint betul aku ni.


  1. gah!!
    masquerade party..
    menarik gila..

  2. mmg best
    tapi dorunk x pakai pon
    cam syial je
    kitorang pkai ni pon after dinner
    cam buhsan je

  3. haaaa.... bgus lah tu ko punya earth hour...

  4. @i1
    AT LEAST kitorg smbut gak kan
    drpd x wat lgsung
    dah bende x ley elak
    nak wat cane