Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it's all about culture

culture night. nothin much to say. it's just..culture. :P

anyway, as i mentioned in previous post, my group did the japanese culture. agak puas hati la, walaupun markah tidak seberapa. damn.

ocp is indian? wow. haha

with scottish group. soon the fussy boy.

before 3A' presentation. makan di de' arif

muka nash yang sudah kenyang. hehe

get outta my way, ninja!

caught u!

ooish~ how dare ya!

majmuk tahap gaban. termasuk siam sesat. lol

with the guests from kpm

with english lecturer~miss fiza

what's my role? samurai. the gatal samurai who wanted to bawak lari geisha. then kalah di tangan ninja kecil. cilakak.

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