Wednesday, March 11, 2009


it's holiday. and i'm stuck here. with piles of assignments on the table, calling me again and again. but it seems that i didn't care less about them. *grin*

anyway, i'm watching this japanese drama called "mei-chan no shitsuji" or "mei-chan's butler".

i am so attached to this drama because:

1. i love Mizushima Hiro since Hana Kimi

2. i love Mizushima Hiro

3. Mizushima Hiro

4. i like the butler concept.

just imagine you have your own personal butler. i mean not just an ordinary butler. but gorgeous, tall, metrosexual-with-cool-hairstyle, and voice that melts we especially girls' hearts. and he'll be serving you 24 hours nonstop, be there when you need help. even a husband can't do that. haha.

yeap, a normal husband can't do that. it's a fact. eat it. hahaha.

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