Wednesday, September 24, 2008

more on i hate you list

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

told ya. the list will goes on and on and on..........
  1. man with beard like a. samad said(but i like a.s.s. as a person himself)
  2. man with moustache
  3. man who smokes (u think u're dem cool a?baka ka omae?)
  4. semak (BUSH..u get wut i mean aite?)
  5. malaysia's celebs (coz most of em are posers)
  6. janet jackson (tho i like her bro..nah....)
  7. mawi (wait,he should be on top of d list!)
  8. hentai (only people who watch anime know this..haha)
  9. indonesians....?
  10. emos, preps, jocks, punkers (lame..lame..)
  11. fag
  12. anak mak(i mean, of course u r, but don't be too manja not independent aye)
  13. pak lah? (god, pray that i won't get sued)
  14. insects.... T_T
  15. backstabber
god. this is totally SICK. and i admit it. whoa!


  1. kalau tak suka bugs camner nak bedah nanti?

  2. ble nak bedah bugs tu da mati of course. :p