Monday, October 6, 2008

eid mubarak

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

eid mubarak. i was quite happy actually since everyone balik kampong this year, unlike last year where some of us were 'missing'. and news flash, my auntie is gonna get married next raya. hurm dunno if they'll work out or not. whatever it is, i'm happy for her. ok cik su? :P

duit raya? almost 300. hihi dunno why i got so many for this year. padahal compared to last year, raye ni x de la jalan2 sangat. that 300 dikumpul on the first day of raya. amazing right? haha. but the bad news is, because aku da jadik orang kaya baru, my mom didn't give me allowance (well, only 100). sob..sob.. duit raye pon mak tak kasi taun ni.. sob..sob..

at kampung (otoou-san side)

came back to kl on saturday morning. i was lucky since the traffic was quite okay at that moment. urm.. what else? ow yep. my auntie, me and ma cousins went to alamanda to watch midnight movie : KAMI THE MOVIE. erm, i didn't watch the series actually. so i was kinda lost about the whole storyline. but then it turned out that the movie was quite good. coming from malaysia. (yer knoe wut i mean aite?)

then yesterday, we went to sunway pyramid since my other auntie wanted to buy i phone. erm..pape je la. i didn't know what to buy, so i ended up just following em around. so in the end i found this dvd entitles KOIZORA the series. wii~ i've been looking for it for so long ma! yuuush! lepas tu balik ke CYBERIA YANG MEMBOSANKAN SEBAB TAK DE PAPE ni.

so kesimpulannye?


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