Saturday, October 11, 2008

empty - part 2

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

once again i felt the emptiness in me.aaaa...why?why?

only this time, it really IS empty. sangat buhsan di sini. for the first time i felt bored eventhough i got internet access. coz besenye kalau de internet tak kuar umah sebulan pon tak pe.

the theme for this week is STRESS. yeap. sorry evie, i told u not to stress aye? but now i'm the one yang lebey2 ;p my grades are going down menjunam like bungee jumping, but in my case it's not going up again. my biggest fear : BIOLogy. why are you so DEM hard? sebenci-benci aku kat physics pon aku rase aku punye marks untuk physics is better compared to bio. dunno why this subject held a grudge on me since form 4. huhu that sounds too cruel aye? hidoi na najwa..

ok back to the topic. i haven't finished my reports and assignments yet and guess what i did the whole day? tengok one piece, bukak friendster eventhough takde update ape2, termenung, gelisah, bengang ngan flu yang tak reti2 nak sembuh, talking to myself, termenung lagi dalam toilet, talking to myself in the toilet, talking to laptop's screen, etc. etc. etc. and owh, watching acid black cherry's concert again and again and again until i memorized sumer yang die cakap, tunggu nak paham je ;p. life is SO DEM EMPTY *sigh*

last night i recite yasin for my brother. hurm.. dun even wanna think bout that anymore la. so went to kedai runcit kt depan tu. ade la beli air mineral sbotol, justea XD. then i lepak2 at usual place. watched the sora. lately bintang tak de. (alah..bukan ke slalunye takde pon kan..) haish.. hati tak tenang kalau tak nampak bintang dalam satu hari. what to do? what to do? then i looked at my watch. hihi *grin*. i pressed the side button. TADAA! kuar lampu lip lap lip lap. cam disko! kalerful pulak tu..

haish... i'm SO DEM DESPERATE..

maybe i'm a woman full of sin (haha, cam laen je maksud die). perhaps that's one of the reasons why i felt so empty. *sigh*

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