Friday, October 24, 2008

turning over a new leaf

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it's holiday. well, although it's for like 3 days only. just finished ol the quizzes. feel so good. at least for a while heh. starting next week it's gonna be a hella buzy time. ow yeap, in my last post i said i won't be blogging till i'm ready to face one of my greatest fear rite? well, i guess i had overcome it although it's not that of a great achievement. but to me, it's like a magical time.. :)


the last few weeks gave me quite a rough time. i went through a lot of things, realized the truth behind all the fake and lies, and for the first time after so long i finally opened myself up to someone. it doesn't matter who's that 'someone'. what you can see from here is that i'm trying to change the way i live my life. before this, i live only to serve and satisfy people around me. and i admit that what i am today does not really come from the bottom of my heart. and after spitting it all out, i started to have a deep thought about it. i've decided that from now on, i only live just to prove to others, those who had pushed me a lot, who manipulated my life, and who drove me to a corner all the time, till i was getting insane. yeap, it's THAT WORSE..

p/s: this one is dedicated to whoever feels that he/she is offended by me :

I'M SORRY. well, nobody's perfect right? so if i had offended you, did or said something that hurt your feelings, just tell me. because if you don't tell me, then i won't know right? i won't get mad, you have my word on that. lately i felt that i had offended a lot of people. aah.. hontou ni saite ne? so come and see me, or maybe just text/write to me and tell me what i did that it hurt your feelings so much. if not, then it's going nowhere. nothing can be solved if nobody speak up. nee?

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