Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i hate you

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

the title is kinda obvious. yup, I HATE YOU. YOU.
the YOU that i'm talking about here are :
  1. players (as in playgirl or playboy)
  2. a sweet talker ( sex doesn't matter)
  3. dishonest in making a relationship (friends, etc.)
  4. liar
  5. so stingy when it comes to studying (as if i wanna copy theirs.yeah, right..)
  6. men/boys (this one... not confirmed yet)
  7. mean girls (who likes em anyway?)
  8. over the limit when making jokes
  9. make fun of people's name, appearance, weakness, etc.
  10. who are so obsess with opposite sex (i'm talking about MANY of the opposite sex)
  11. doesn't respect me (that includes what i like, what i hate, etc.)
  12. look down on others
  13. have a fat lazy ass (means who's so lazy)
  14. bossing people around (as if he/she is the MAN)
  15. POSER (as in acting like other, sports stars, anime characters, etc.)
  16. pretend like they are not listening while i'm talking to em (pekak)
  17. not answering my simple-small-the-pieces question (bisu)
  18. SELFISH (don't they have another job?)
  19. always apologize over and over (once is enough oredy la.3@4 times:nak kene lempang eh?)
  20. too noisy/big mouth (if u have that kind of talent, go to pasar to jual ikan or whatever..)
there's still more. this list goes on until aku dah x de orang untuk dibenci.

p/s : told ya, i'm quite a hater. so if you think i'm cerewet or whatever, i don't mind at all. cuz that's your right. and this is MY RIGHT to hate people.

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