Monday, September 8, 2008

the diary of ramadhan

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

ramadhan..ramadhan..well all i can say is that ramadhan this year is not that happening, or thrilling compared to last year (well, maybe it's because i ponteng on the first day lagi. haha).

as far as i can remember, the most enjoyable (enjoyable meh?) ramadhan was during high school, or to be exact, in form 5, when i was having an SPM. i missed the time where we woke up at nearly 5 for sahur. well, actually i'm not the kind of person who's into sahur :p. it's not because i malas nak bangun, but i kinda loss the appetite oredy. i can only bangun sahur at home, where i can eat home's food!

but it was the first day of ramadhan, so yeah, i would like to try one la. i woke up, then termenung a lil bit (layan mood tido!). then i went to toilet to mandi first. stood in front of the sink. stared into the mirror. then, zzzz.... (haha :p). opened my eyes again, turned on the tap. whoaa!!!!!the water was DEM COOL!! terbatal niat nak mandi. so i just brushed my teeth. there were so many people rushing ere n der, well, it's the first sahur anyway. spotted some of my tomo dachi waiting in front of the stairs with muke selebet gile.hihi.burok ar!

that was the first sahur. and the food? it was quite good, with the ayam and all that. but it's too berat for me. so i only ate like half of the rice i took (membazirnye najwa... T_T).

after that i decided not to go for sahur. until this day where i had to sit for biology paper. yup, i didn't sleep at all that night. i was so berani to stay up alone, cuz it's ramadhan! (u get what i mean oredy right?). so i spent the whole night with bio's book with me, while listening to until sahur. that morning, well, as expected, i felt so dizzy like i wanna passed out! hurm.. and i had to take bio paper. so, yada! cannot pass out right now.<--i said to myself, with muke bersungguh-sungguh gile. ossu!

that was for sahur. for berbuka? yup. like it much better. since the food was already prepared by the mak cik and pak cik at dewan makan, so all we have to do was wait for the azan >_<. sometimes we went to bazaar ramadhan to buy some kuih. my favourite? ondeh-ondeh and seri kaya! (seri kaya or seri muka?forgot oredy). and of course with air coconut shake, cuz my life was nothing without it. hehe.

the solat terawih was fun. i like the imam. the way he recited the God's word was really merdu, that i sometimes felt so sleepy.hehe. no lah. seriously. but since it was too hot in the mosque, so i went to pray outside, where it's a lot cooler, together with my silly little friends. hihi. i had so much fun with you guys. to be honest, sometimes i skipped the witir (i know i know, that was very rude. BAD GIRL). like i said, SOMETIMES. ok? XD. cuz i wanted to do the solat hajat. well, at that time i didn't know there was another options...

ramadhan this year, not so thrilling. we had to perform the solat terawih by ourselves, diimamkan by me, sometimes my friends. missed the suasana at masjid lor.. then we had to break the fast at restaurant. so bosan! and it seems that ramadhan this year passed by so quickly. i wonder is it because we barely have time for ourselves at home? saana.. (who knows)

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