Thursday, November 13, 2008

listen to me

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

the drama thingy, i don't think i can do it.
zettai ni.
it's just not fit for me.
but will they listen to me if i tell them about it?
i don't think so.
they probably will hate me, talk about it behind my back.
and it's normal for girls.

whether you're their friend or not.

god, how i hate this uneasy feeling.

p/s : if u don't like reading my blog since all i did was nagging, complaining, and criticizing, then back off. cause i don't need u.

and snackhouse is getting annoying day by day.


  1. oit. pe rase camtu?? mane ade kitorg xdgr. aiya.. kitorg ok je arh. xde sape kutuk pape psl awk pun. okies? jgn risau2 sudaaa ;)

  2. it's juz ruffly speaking..
    didn't mean to point to anyone.