Saturday, November 8, 2008

still can't get over it

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

it's been a while since i last talked about my daily routine.

yesterday, urm.. dunno how to describe it lor. we got chemistry presentation. the others performed very well. my group? well lets just say that we deserved what we got.


right after that we went home. and i headed straight to cimb bank in mmu. i took out 100 and i dunno why suddenly i wanna spent em all right away.bengom gile anak x bersyukur langsung aku ni kan. so i went to the kedai runcit and bought some not so important stuff that it cost me 20. then i bought nasi ayam and watermelon juice. i wasn't really hungry actually. but i bought em anyway. then when i came home, my housemate asked me if i wanted to go to alamanda to watch movie. then i asked her, who else is going? she said a, b, you and me. so i thought hey, why not? it's gonna be the four of us and we're gonna have some fun!

but here comes the problem.

just when we're about to enter the car, i heard b is talking to a guy, who apparently would be joining us. and i didn't know that.

so i thought, ok relax, maybe it's just one or two of em. so it's not that of a big deal right?

as soon as we got there, i realized that all the boys in my classroom as well as another two guys from the other classroom were there to join us. and it's too late to turn back.


ya see, i thought i could deal with this situation. i just don't know why i'm so uncomfortable if even there's just one guy joined us. and it doesn't matter who that guy is. as long as it's a GUY, then i'm not gonna be myself anymore.

it's not that i'm worried about my appearance, or it's someone that i have a crush for or anything. i just don't like it.

so that's why when they went to the pizza to eat, i decided not to join them and went for a walk instead.

and o yeah i went to mph to check out some books, instead i bought a Quran.

yes, a Quran people. this najwa bought a Quran instead of manga, anime and japanese dvd. i must have sinned a lot lately.

after that we went to the arcade. i played house of the dead with put. i've always been a fan of that game. u think i'm a freak? whatever. it' none of ur business anyway.

then we went to watch the movie. i didn't know what movie i was going to watch until it started. it's james bond : quantum of solace. and may i say, i nearly fell asleep as it's the most boring action films that i've ever watched. yeap, my dad won't be happy to hear this one. (he's a big fan of james bond)

after that we went straight home. i slept at 2 since i watched jigoku shoujo mitsuganae. (if u don't know what is that, it's an anime. jigoku shoujo means hell girl, mitsuganae means, erm, something saying that it's the third season)

and FYI, i'm currently watching 7 animes at a time.

yeap i know, anime freak.

but whatever.


  1. mesti bukan budak kelas aku sebab budak rumah kitaorang semua balik..........

  2. erm..?
    wut do u mean?
    aku x paham..

  3. i mean ,budak yang pegi tu ialah ko,aaina,sofia dan put kan?and budak lelaki yang ko maksudkan is semua dak rumah 6o kecuali mahfuz ngan lokman + soon ngan satish...

    yes or no?