Monday, August 11, 2008

feeling annoyed and being annoyed

Assalamuaalaikum w.b.t.

have you ever felt annoyed by someone? i believe whoever haven't feel it is definitely abnormal. i used to get annoyed by this person that i felt i wanna smack her in the face, kick her butt, or maybe do something stupid and insane like stabbed her trillion times to death (reality check : i'm not that violent). why do we get annoyed by certain people? well, the reason is different for every person. i myself used to get annoyed by my parents cuz they always compared me with my cousins. that was the lamest thing that they did. so, here's some warning to all the future parents out there: DO NOT EVER COMPARE YOUR CHILDREN TO ANYONE, ESPECIALLY THEIR COUSIN. and the same thing happened when i was in my high school years, where i had this friend who always talk about boys, i mean, THE SAME BOY, who a normal girl shouldn't have any reason to date him. or even annoyed by some stupid questions, like, why do you want to go to the washroom? why do you wanna use the toothpaste? yes, i get annoyed with those kinds of things. what about you?

you always get annoyed by people around you. but have u ever thought that you are being annoyed to your pals? some people didn't realise it, some people do, but they act like nothing's wrong. here's some tips to know whether you are annoying to your pals :

  1. he/she doesn't really hear or care what you're talking about.
  2. he/she runs away everytime you are near.
  3. he/she will think of a way to avoid being in the same group or society with you.
  4. he/she act like you are invisible everytime he/she pass by.
  5. well....what's more to left? just figure it out already..duh..
so, here's a conclusion : if you felt annnoyed by that stay that way. it can't be help right? and if you are being annoyed to everyone else, look yourself in the mirror and ask : do i have the right to feel annoyed if i'm being annoyed?

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