Friday, August 8, 2008

bear with my words

Assalamualaikum w.t.b.

My first blog. After 2 years. I can't promise to always update my blog from time to time. After all, being a future medical student really kills my life. Yup, that was straight from the heart. As the title itself, bear with me for i am not really good with english, first of all. So there'll be some grammatical error (which i'll deal with it later). Also, you can't expect my words to be polite and full of beautiful words as i'm not a poet as well as reese witherspoon in legally blond (omg, she's so cute). THE FEMINIST. There's a lot of meaning behind that. But don't worry cuz i'm not that eager to be like one. So, think twice before you decide to judge me (whatever it is that came across your mind about it.haha). So, have fun !

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