Friday, August 29, 2008

the best holiday =)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

the last 2 days were hectic for me. but still enjoyable. our reflection group planned a trip to genting. supposedly there were 8 of us going together in the same bus. but apparently sofia didn't get a permission from her mom, farah got something emergency and need to say la.. must be because of her boyfriend oredy..haha.. so yup, only 5 of us left : miss syazana, me, aainaa, qill and aufa.

oh duniaaaa!!

we're in new york, bebeh!


in cable the middle of the night?? kowaaii!!

we're eaten by the whale!!

peace yo!

in ferris wheel..bosan seyh..

yeah! we're ready!!

we're not scared!

we're flying!!

hiding behind kanak-kanak ribena..

that's me!

go kart? T_T

Qill, u got no license yet ma!

he's not hungry, miss. we were..

there.. told ya..

aainaa x ley blah..

it was hella lot of fun. the bad news is, i'm broke. i didn't get the chance to buy anything at all. god, just right when they're having the sale! but still, i enjoyed every second of it. =)

next trip? we'll see..

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