Friday, January 2, 2009

akemashite omedeto gozaimassu

happy new year! or should i say maal hijrah..

erm. lots of things happened in 2008. whether good or bad things, none of it even matters right now. what i've been looking forward to is waiting in front of me.


here's my mission for this year. hope they'll work out somehow.
  1. make my own decision
  2. always think positive
  3. be more "baek"
  4. finish my animes and dramas (i know it sounds impossible)
  5. have more faith and patience
  6. throw away some of the sifat mazmumah (some, coz it's impossible to throw all of them)
  7. smile a lot (as in no more frowning face, moody day, except for the PMS thingy)
  8. like j-rock more!!!!!!!!!
  9. love and appreciate people more
  10. have more courage to tell others what i feel
i guess that's it.

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