Friday, January 23, 2009


last week we had bio experiment : digestive system. and we had to dissect the mice. poor fellow, like mr eric owez say XD.

the mice was very cute, but the tail was like sooo DEM thick and long, so basically that's what made the mice looked so menggelikan. there's this uncle, dunno who he was, probably the one who sold the mice, put ol those ratsie in this chamber with some cotton dipped into chloroform. so that the ratsie will 'sleep' for a while. lol.

and then we put the mice on a cutting board, spread the legs and pinned them. now here comes the torturing part. muaahaha. bella, my partner, took a forcep and pulled the skin to let me cut through using a scissors. and then after we spread out and pinned the skin, we cut another layer, huhu, so thrilled. then we saw the heart, and boy it's still beating. that's like super duper cool.

we slipped through the organs, the hardest part was to find the pancreas, cuz we know what it looked like, but dunno the color of it. so we thought it's the white one. but apparently the color is almost the same with the liver. so it's kinda confusing though.

wohoo. just like the scene in "SAW"

the big one on the bottom is actually caecum.

bella, it's not for lunch.

owh yeah, we accidentally cut the arteries. so the blood spilt all over. but we manage to cover it by using the cotton. like bella said, " lap peluh..". kekekek.


  1. pergh!!!! macho gler... cool!!!!!!!!! next tym, let me do the "surgery"... Im hoping to squeeze the shit out...

  2. lol.
    tikus aku tade shit la..
    die puasa kot ari tu.