Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a tribute to someone special

i dreamt of ikhwan last night. god, i must have missed him lately. or perhaps, i have forgotten him.i wonder how he's been doing there. hopefully he's among the right people.

if only i could tell you this, ikhwan, that you are one of the best thing that ever happen to me. i'm no good when it comes to boys, and yet you were like who-cares-if-you-hate-me and make friends with me. it's funny when i think back of our good old times, when you always nagged to pipah, holding hands with reza (and boy seriously i thought you were gay!) and kept complaining bout me for not smiling...

i still have the book, ikhwan. where i asked you to wrote down your biodata.and then you were sulking a lil bit cuz you said that you've been asking for the book for a long time. so in return, you said, it's not gonna be as pretty and creative as it would be if i had given it to you earlier.and in the book, you once said when the first time you met me, you wondered why i always frowned, didn't smile a lot, and then you said on that day i was like orang baru bercinta! lol. whatever la ikhwan. perhaps you were right. perhaps i was happy back the other day because you were there for me..

did you remember the happy mother's day card? the card that we : me, you, pipah and yunnie created and we got in the first place? well to think about it i thought i still have it. but i guess i must have lost it somewhere. i promise i'll look back for it later.i kept laughing when i think about how you annoyed me with your lousy mouth that didn't seem to shut up even for a minute. and how you argued with pipah cuz you wanted to do it in your own way.god i swear you were soo drama queen!

and now it's too late right? i won't be able to tell you all of this. and yet there's a lot more to say. believe it or not, it's one of the biggest thing that i regret. if only i could tell you this, ikhwan, that i'm sorry i didn't have the chance to meet you. i'm sorry i was so rough to you back the other day.i'm sorry i was so jealous of you because you were so creative, talented and smart. and i'm sorry for not holding on to my promises,that we would go to the same high school.unfortunately sekolah agama is really not for me la ikhwan, so that's why i didn't come to the exam.

i could be a lot nicer, and we can still be good friends until now.i had lost contact with you since we graduated from primary school, and the next thing i knew, you were not in a good condition. if only you are in front of me right now, ikhwan, i just wanna say : i'm sorry for everything, and that i miss you a lot.

AL-FATIHAH.ikhwan the blue tie : u looked sooo "chinese" ar.. lol.

p/s : omae wa watashi no hatsukoi. tatta, tatta hitotsu no koi. omg. siyesly najwa?? tabun ne..


  1. uish... wat a heartwarming tale... hahaha...

    n 1 more thing.. about avril... you KENCING me...

  2. is..
    kinda hate it when i regret over something that can't be fixed anymore.
    so the moral of the story is, do what u wanna do before it's too late.