Sunday, December 21, 2008

am i that naive?

i got bio test tomorrow.

but somehow it didn't stop me to post this to my blog since i wanted to let this thing out.

i felt used by this person.

well, this is not my first time actually. i've been used many times. i don't know why it's always me. i used to be just a side kick for this old friend of mine, A. and i felt so awful that i moved out from the school. yep. i was such a loser. to just give up like that.

and then after that, i became the victim again. B pretended to be close with me just because she wanted to be friends with C. since C was quite interested in me. as a friend of course. and then when she got what she wanted, she left me.

and just when i thought it won't happen to me, ah.. there you go. again.

it's the same situation with the B and C case. this makhluk tuhan like, clinging onto me. and then started to draw a line to be apart from me as soon as this makhluk tuhan get what the makhluk tuhan wanted. well, it's not that i'm so desperate to be friend with this makhluk tuhan. but i really don't like it if this makhluk tuhan took me for granted. if u don't want to be my friend then don't do it in the first place. why bother giving me such a fake relationship?

when i think about it again, i guess i get what i deserved. what goes around comes around. am i right, yana?

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