Friday, June 26, 2009

the legend

the legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson is dead.

it's still unknown whether he really converted into Islam or not.

if he did, i hope the funeral would be according to the Islamic way. at least, his Muslim brother can take care of it.

i feel really sad right now, even though i'm not really a big fan of MJ but i loved watching him do the moonwalk thing.

and right now it's all just a history.

to think about it, it's really tragic, you know, of the way he died. because dia baru saja nak buat comeback, to clear all the stupid scandals. to tell you the truth, i never believed that he molested those kids. he just loved the children, how could he ever hurt em? i blamed all those stupid media who are incredibly jealous of MJ's success.

but then, hanya Tuhan saja that knows the truth.

god bless you MJ. may you rest in peace.

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