Sunday, October 3, 2010


recently my friend asked me whether i know about illuminati. that topic has been around i dunno since when, tapi jadi hot topic especially bila TV3 raya commercial came out. oh and before that illuminati was mentioned to be related with Anugerah Juara Lagu, and even Hujan's frontman Noh. and then there's this thing about Lady Gaga sembah setan and etc. i mean yang tu kalau dia tak relate ngan illuminati pun aku macam percaya jugak..

i don't know much about illuminati, but i do know a lil bit about freemason, thanks to Mastika. on a side note, people kept bashing Mastika, or whoever that read one, but i think not all of the contents are nonsense. there are a lot of things in it yang we don't even know, well prolly because we are ignorant about world issue. if it's not because of Mastika, i didn't even know about Mona Fandey, Idi Amin, and Freemason.

i'm not saying that i don't believe in all the theories surrounding it, i just, don't bother so much to actually debate about it in blogs or newspaper. perhaps it's true, but what annoys me the most is that people give so much attention to this matter, where in fact benda2 yang dah terang tang tang salah and 'against' humanity tak pulak nak dilaung, dijerit, diadilkan. issue racism yang dah berkulat tu tak ada pulak approach from gov. kalau setakat 1malaysia tu nenek aku pun boleh buat proposal.

we are all actually a hypocrite, even myself. we said we're not racist, we condemned racism, tapi bila ada orang buat salah sikit, first thing yang we mentioned would be their race. even among us, berapa kerat je member from outside our race that we have. when i said member, i meant real bestie punya. bukan classmate. bukan neighbor. bukan lecturer. bukan someone we know.

i think one of the ways yang gov boleh consider, is that kita wajibkan (kot) for all students to learn other's language. i mean, now all people tahu at least speak malay and english. but what about chinese and tamil? kadang2 aku rasa agak suspicious bila dengar other chinese/indian spoke in their language in front of me. bukan la aku nak kata diorang tak ada kerja lain nak kutuk2, tapi..aa..pokoknya macam tu lah. paham la kan.

erm, ape ni. nak cakap pasal illuminati tapi melencong kat racism pulak.

illuminati. entah. baca la sendiri. aku pun malas nak selidik. GIT pun tak habis baca lagi ini pulak nak kaji benda alah ni.

oh anyway i found this in salafus solih punya blog. best la jugak blog dia. bila baca banyak yang ketepek kat atas dahi. theory ni agak menarik. nak percaya ke tak tu.. up to u lah.

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