Sunday, February 28, 2010

m gonna study hard after this


semalam mimpi ayah.

like seriously shit.

dah seminggu aku tak mimpi apa2. then yesterday i went jogging. then teringat pasal exam. i was scared. scared i'm gonna have to repeat. then i'll disappoint him. so last night aku study. i slept at 11 something. sebab nak bangun awal esok. bila bangun pukul 5 pagi, aku study sampai pukul 7, then i felt sleepy (blame the hot milo for it). so i went to bed, kunci jam pukul 7.30. sepanjang half an hour that i slept tulah, aku mimpi.

i was in this office, tak tahu la office apa kan. suddenly i saw a man walking towards me. belakang dia cerah, so aku tak nampak muka dia. bila makin dekat, i was like, shit. that's my dad. gila terkejut. dia pegang tangan aku nak salam, it's the salam yang perempuan buat dengan perempuan tu, you know. yang cium pipi thingy. then when u do that your bahu will tersentuh kan? so when he was trying to do that, time bahu nak tersentuh tu tiba2 he let go of my hand and walked away. i was like, HUH?

then he entered this room yang ada family aku. i thought diorang tak nampak dia. but he went to my sister and did the same thing; took her hand, trying to salam but when the shoulders nak met he stopped and went to my other sister. and i was convinced that they all saw him, but they didn't say anything.

and no. he didn't wear any white shirt with the kopiah and all. it's just a plain kemeja. the one yang warna hijau biru, the one that i recognized since he always wore that whenever there's a ceremony.

then i woke up. i stared to the ceiling. and i thanked God. i'm not sure whether i should be happy or not about this, since i couldn't figure out the meaning of the whole salam thingy. because it's so weird and awkward.

i'm just guessing though but i think he's trying to say that



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