Wednesday, February 3, 2010

#1 : my thoughts on..

Go Mi Nam - You're Beautiful


i'm not trying to support this kind of behavior whatsoever, but here's the thing : pengkid is much cooler and hotter than most of the guys out there. last saturday i went to sg wang. there were lotsa people, mostly chinese since 1)that's their number 1 place to hang out. and 2) it's almost chinese new year lorh, what more can u expect kan?

so anyway, i went to this baju area, and my friend was attracted to this sweater in the kedai la. so she asked for the owner. then came a slender, spiky hair, white skin with round eyes guy. i said to my friend, "dude, he's hot." my friend pun agree with me la kan. the guy took the sweater, wrapped it then gave it to my friend. when my friend asked how much was it, dia kata "30 saja maa.." with a neutral voice, as in not so girly and not so manly.

but after that, there's this girl came and peluk2 that guy, speaking chinese but i understood a bit la kan. saying things yang menunjukkan he's a girl. and i was like, "it's a SHE? FOR REAL?!"

*sigh*Go Eun Chan - Coffee Prince

but seriously. aku suka tengok pengkid. ok, that may sounded so wrong, but hey, if he(i mean she) is freaking gorgeous and hot then why not kan? i think pengkid ni tergolong dalam kalangan pondan. girls like to be friends with pondan@si lembut because mereka sangat memahami hati perempuan(like, DUH..). but we'll never consider or look at them as a guy. the same thing with pengkid. where most of us, well, i don't think most of us la kan since girls yang straight kemungkinan takut nak dekat dengan golongan pengkid ni. but some girls yang like to be friends with pengkid tu sebab pengkid berjiwa lelaki (again, like, DUH..). so apa2 hal senang cerita la maknanya.

but up until today, i never had a pengkid among my friends. tomboy tu ada la, si lembut pun ada. tapi nyah belum lagi. tapi serious, most of the pengkid are gorgeous, as in cool gila.

p/s : and hell yeah, Amber FTW!

Amber - f(x)

Amber with Yuri. i think Amber is hotter :D


  1. kenapa pengkid ada style lebih baik drpd lelaki? sebab mereka asalnya perempuan dan mereka semestinya lebih memahami perempuan

  2. aku ske belog kau, najwa. sgt suke.

    -kwn ko sorg yg teramatlah fujyoshi