Wednesday, July 7, 2010

jpop mania

Aizdean just released new single,”I Need You Baby / ONE”.

To people who didnt know Aizdeen. Aizdeen is the first Malaysian to become Jpop singer in Japan!

  • Name: Aizdean
  • Birthday: February 13
  • Birthplace: Malaysia
  • Blood Type: O


  • [2010.03.03] Hadiah ~The First Step~


  • [2009.07.07] I Need You Baby/ONE
  • [2009.08.31] I Need You Baby A Cry Out of The Soul
  • [2009.12.16] Don’t Go Away/Yell Won’t Let You Go?

gila kool en? his voice is ok, but the thing is he got guts. i mean, who are we kidding? japan has a huge market. took quite a hard work for someone to fit in those society. let alone be in their music industry. he may not be as huge as gackt, or hyde, or even morning musume. but this guy proved that you don't need a cute face, hot chocolate abs, or even reality show like AF, malaysian idol or whatsoever to be this huge. hard work is not enough. you need guts. and faith.

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