Sunday, October 4, 2009


just came back from gambang, or kuantan. pahang.


my sister's graduation was kind of..well.. don't really know how to describe it since i was there like 15 minutes before the ceremony finished and that i did not buy or play anything at the carnival. so, yeah, macam tu la. and it was hot gila. with me wearing baju kurung. panas.

and right now i'm stuck in cyberheight again. and i got final exam. physiology. dang. don't know whether i can deal with this. feels like quitting. always. but as usual, i'm in a situation that does not allow me to do what i really really really wanted. living a life like this really sucks. but hey, that's life. haha.

off topic.

i just don't understand one thing la. how can a person, or exactly a muslim, i mean not just a regular muslim la. the one that went to sekolah agama and all, wearing tudung labuh and then suddenly like so free when that person got out from the school. i don't really care la about she wearing baju lengan pendek and all, but how can she freely talked about something that's so obviously wrong. saying something like "kalau tuuut pegi kat kolam ni sure tudung melayang ntah ke mana dah."


nak buat something like that don't say it in front of other people la. it seems like that person was encouraging other people to do what she did. it felt so wrong. like, how can you solat during ramadhan only? no use at all. freakingly fake. and i blame myself for not being able to say this to that person. because i wasn't that perfect either. but if i wanna do something bad, i won't go around telling other people la, at least. just keep it to yourself and don't make it so obvious. as simple as that.

seriously what's wrong with people lately.

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